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Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is video streaming?

Due to major improvements in CDN technology, video streaming via the internet cloud using new protocols is now more reliable than satellite or other terrestrial connectivity.

What changed to make this kind of connectivity so competitive?

Recent developments in Cloud technology created a low cost alternative for video streaming.

What about redundancy?

All equipment from source to destination are set up in a fully redundant configuration.

How can I use the connection service of PVSC?

The service of PVSC simply replaces the video connection that you currently have in place between your premises and your affiliate.

Are there different types of connection services offered by PVSC?

Yes, PVSC offers 2 different service products: PVSC-Connect® and PVSC-Link®. PVSC-Connect is especially suitable to cross-connect to Cable and Telecom Companies that have a point of presence in one of the (global) Equinix facilities. PVSC-Link is more suitable when connecting point-to-point or point-to-multipoint from anywhere to everywhere.

Who are PVSC customers?

Typically, PVSC customers are producers and/or distributors of pay-tv content and free-to-air tv channels. Usually general content from major regional broadcasters, but also special purpose channels for a targeted audience are included. Lately also several single channel stations are interested in our service. Also operators are eligible for using the PVSC services.

Will my ISP support a connection via PVSC?

An expert from PVSC will test your internet access to your local ISP to make sure that you have the proper connection.

How about latency?

Latency is a important parameter in video streaming. By applying the right parameters on encoders and routers, latency can be reduced to broadcasting levels.

How much does it cost?

Typically much less than satellite or any terrestrial equivalent. Contact us for a presentation

My source is at a remote location, how can I connect to my affiliate?

We will send you a PVSC encoding device that can be connected directly to the internet connection at least one local ISP, preferably two. In case your affiliate is part of the Equinix network we will interconnect directly via PVSC-Connect®. If not, we will send a PVSC decoding device to your affiliate to receive the signal from your source via PVSC-Link®.

Which codecs and video formats are supported by PVSC?

The PVSC network connects and delivers any broadcast format that has a MPEG transport stream using digital formats like HLS, RMTP and DASH. PVSC interconnects on a 24 hrs. basis, channels in SD and HD/UHD quality ranging from 1080p to 4k and 8k signals. The encoding and decoding devices of PVSC include capabilities to accept MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H264 and HEVC.